Hatshepsuts mortuary temple

Mortuary temple of queen hatshepsut (page 1 of 2 pages) this is one of the most beautiful of the royal mortuary temples the terraces were different then, with . The temple of hatshepsut is not only a memorial temple that honors queen hatshepsut, it is also one of the greatest egyptian architectural achievements designed by senenmut (hatshepsut’s steward and architect), this mortuary temple closely resembles the classical greek architecture of 1,000 years later. Hatshepsut temple is a reflection of the mortuary temple of mentuhotep ii, and was constructed alongside that eleventh-dynasty structure it is situated25 km from luxor train station. One of her most famous buildings was her mortuary temple at djeser-djeseru more information on the civilization of ancient egypt: overview timeline of ancient .

Hatshepsut was one of the most famous ancient egyptian queens after the death of her husband, thutmose ii, she sized the power and ruled as a pharaoh the i. Thutmose iiimodeled his mortuary temple on hatshepsut's whilst akhenatenincorporated the design of the ramps into his own buildingssimilarly, the design of hatshepsut's tomb, with the . The mortuary temple of hatshepsut at deir el-bahri records a trading expedition in hatshepsut's name to punt, a legendary land thought by some to be eritrea and argued by others to be uganda, syria, or other lands this trip was dated to the 19th year of her rule.

Start studying mortuary temple of queen hatshepsut learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. A hatshepsuts mortuary temple 5 according to professor tilsons lecture on from arc 1720 at university of florida. The mortuary temple of hatshepsut, also known as the djeser-djeseru (ancient egyptian: ḏsr ḏsrw holy of holies), is a mortuary temple of ancient egypt located . Temple of hatshepsut - anubis chapel at the north end of the second level of hatshepsut’s mortuary temple, is the anubis chapel anubis was the god of embalming and the cemetery. Queen hatshepsut’s mortuary temple the mortuary temple of hatshepsut is one of the most beautiful of all of the temples of ancient egypt it is located at deir el .

A temple to anubis, the guardian and guide to the dead, was a common feature of any mortuary complex one would not wish to slight the god who was responsible for leading one’s soul from the tomb to the afterlife. Located beneath massive cliffs near the west bank of the nile, the mortuary temple of hatshepsut, also known as deir el bahri, is dedicated to amon-ra, the sun god. Where was hatshepsuts tomb built and what was her original plan going to be with her mortuary temple and tomb the tomb was excavated in the wild and desolate valley of the kings, the temple was built at the base of the theban cliffs facing the nile. Egypt: hatshepsut's temple, karnak temple complex, and sharm al-shaykh tour popular egyptian sights, including hatshepsut's temple, the karnak temple complex, . Hatshepsut's expeditions to the land of punt at the mortuary temple of hatshepsut ( part 6 ) we now return to the middle court, and go round the end of the ramp in order to reach the southern colonnade, on whose walls are the famous scenes of the voyage to punt .

Hatshepsuts mortuary temple

Hatshepsut's temple was so admired by the pharaohs who came after her that they increasingly chose to be buried nearby and this necropolis came to eventually be known as the valley of the kings hatshepsut built on a grander scale than any pharaoh before her and, except for ramesses ii (1279-1213 bce) none who came after. Mortuary temple and large kneeling statue of hatshepsut, c 1479-58 bce, new kingdom, egypt speakers: dr beth harris and dr steven zucker. A mortuary temple dedicated to the longest ruling female of ancient egypt, queen hatshepsut the temple is decorated with statues, sphinxes, and reliefs, which have been meticulously restored over time. Hatshepsut's mortuary temple - colossi of memnon - luxor - egypt mortuary temple of hatshepsut and large kneeling statue, diving at hatshepsuts harbour .

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  • Hatshepsut was the longest reigning female pharaoh in egypt, ruling for 20 years in the 15th century bc she is considered one of egypt's most successful pharaohs she built the temple djeser .
  • Hatshepsut's temple by senenmut architect, at deir el-bahri, egypt, -1550, architecture in the great buildings online.

Hatshepsut's divine birth in the mortuary temple of hatshepsut part ( 5 ) we now return to the north, or birth colonnade, the reliefs on the rear wall of which represent the state fiction by which hatshepsut was regarded as the actual child of amûn by the queen ahmôse, the wife of tuthmosis i . Temple of hatshepsut the mortuary temple of queen hatshepsut of dynasty xviii was built just north of the middle kingdom temple of mentuhotep nebhepetre in the bay of cliffs known as deir el-bahri in ancient times the temple was called djeser-djeseru, meaning the ‘sacred of sacreds’. A tree in front of the mortuary temple of hatshepsut, claimed to have been brought from punt by hatshepsut's expedition, which is depicted on the temple walls hatshepsut re-established the trade networks that had been disrupted during the hyksos occupation of egypt during the second intermediate period , thereby building the wealth of the . This wall painting from hatshepsut's mortuary temple at dayr al-bahri displays vibrant color and striking detail hatshepsut gained unprecedented power for a woman, reigning over egypt from 1473 .

hatshepsuts mortuary temple It is thought that senimut, the genius architect who built this temple, found inspiration in his design by the plan of the neighboring mortuary, temple of the 12th dynasty king, neb-hept-re the temple was built to commemorate the achievements of the great queen hatshepsut (18th dynasty), and as a funerary temple for her, as well as a sanctuary .
Hatshepsuts mortuary temple
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